symbiose 50|20

multidisciplinary research project

symbiose 50|20 is a collective of architects, designers and photographers based in Salzburg. We were fascinated by the question of "how alternative materials will shape the design of tomorrow?". In this ongoing project, we craft and collect materials and use them to create various objects. Our aim is not to focus on the functionality of the products, but to inspire new approaches by engaging with the materials. Prior to starting the design process, we defined specific visual guidelines that we followed during the process. Thereby we worked with transparencies of the materials and different parts of the human body.


crossboard II

sports equipment concept

crossboard II is a training device aimed specifically at athletes from cycling disciplines. It consists of a balance board and a removable handle, which can be used for various sports and gymnastic exercises. These exercises can be performed both in the standing position and in the push-up position. When standing on the board, the handle serves as a dumbbell weight. In the push-up position, the handle bar can be attached to four diagonals to allow exercises at different body angles. crossboard II consists of metal and plywood parts that are designed to be easily disassembled, replaced or repaired.



luminaire concept

DEWA is a pendant lighting system that can be used both as a ceiling and wall lamp. It consists of a central base element to which any number of lamps can be attached. The cables are routed through fittings that can be freely mounted on the ceiling or wall. Thus, the cables become an essential element that physically and visually connects all parts of the luminaire. The lampshade consists of an inner element made of frosted glass and an outer element made of aluminum. The latter is attached to a free-swinging axis and can be tilted according to its intended use. When used as a wall lamp, the back of the outer shade rests against the wall. The tapered shape opens up the lower part of the lamp, allowing light to better escape to the front. The luminaire is designed to be easily disassembled and repaired.


the K'

urban development concept

This project is a collaboration with the architecture and design firm studioW to redesign public space in Salzburg's old town. in order to make the popular nightlife area more attractive, car traffic should be reduced and freed-up space made available for pedestrians. Mobile platforms and seating furniture are to be installed for this purpose. In addition, opening pathways within the buildings will connect the site to a larger area. The design should have a contemporary appearance while blending in with the historic cityscape.



toy concept

EVO is a conceptional toy implementing circular design approaches like longevity, repairability and the use of sustainable materials. It grows in both physical appearance and internal features, matching the childs development of skills, needs and interests. This is intended to foster emotional attachment, which in turn increases EVO's lifespan by preventing emotional obsolescence. The toy communicates via several expanding methods, such as a LED-based mimic system, vibration and sound. All internal electronics are easily accessible and can be repaired or replaced if necessary.



modular furniture concept

falt|bar is a modular furniture system that allows to make foldable furniture in various sizes and for different uses. In addition, the flexibility of the design lends itself particularly well to the reuse of old construction panels. Key to this are the mounting elements, that serve both as hinges and clasps for the feet and supports. They can be mounted on panels of any material and in almost any dimension. The feet are made of bent steel bars and are available in different heights for sitting and standing. Aesthetically, an industrial look is sought to underline the functional character of the furniture. The bold colour of the mounts was chosen to emphasize their essential role in the system.



sunglasses concept

slingshot is a set of conceptual sports glasses. The design draws upon the aesthetics of 80s sci-fi movies and features a unique folding mechanism: The frame and the glasses are held together by an elastic string that connects the different parts with each other. This design eliminates the need for technical hinges, as the temples retract to their initial position after folding.



experimental tableware

Wasteware is a project initiated by my colleague Barbara. The project aimes to draw attention to the issue of discarded food by using it as source material for experimental tableware. Following intensive research on different types of organic waste and experimenting with various production methods, a range of disposable bowls and plates was developed. The results were presented at a multi-course dinner together with Restaurant Paradoxon, who prepared dishes from these very leftovers. This project was supported and funded by the Austrian Ministry of Arts and Culture.


misc 3.0

shop interior design

This project is the redesign of a clothing store that I realized for studioW. The vaulted interior of the historic building offered little space for storage and display areas. For this reason, offset wall elements were added to the walls to conceal the storage areas. The additional layer emphasizes the characteristic structure of the rooms. Custom shelves can be mounted to the wall-elements to display clothing in various ways. Perforations are used to hide certain parts of the interior, but still have sufficient light entering the room. This interplay of dark and light adds complexity to an otherwise reduced colour palette.



movie set design

IRY is an award-winning short film from students of the fh salzburg's film department. The futuristic, dystopian story asked for custom designed properties and locations.The imagery follows a clean but exaggerated and playful look that is meant to capture the otherness of the narrative world without appearing unnatural.



Philipp Gollackner Portrait

I am a freelance designer working in product and interior design. In my work I seek to balance aesthetics, function, and sustainability. For collaborations contact me at

curriculum vitae


  • MA Design + Change (discontinued),
    Linnaeus University,
    Växjö, Sweden
    courses: Sustainability & Methods for Exploration, Sustainability & Design Theory, Sustainability & Artistic Articulation, Speculative Design, Social Design et al.
    2 Semester | 52,5 ECTS

  • cultural apprenticeship Under Ekerna | Hofs Liv
    non-profit cultural platform in Växjö. Worked on organizing workshops and events that combine culture, design and sustainable social development.
    7 months | - Jun 2022


  • graduation BA Bachelor of Arts in Business (Design & Product Management, industrial design focus), University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

  • exhibition symbiose 50|20 at tomorrow design festival Salzburg
    WN 16


  • registered company Product- & Interior Design
    start of freelance career


  • Erasmus exchange semester Jönköping University, School of Engineering
    Jönköping, Sweden
    courses: Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Graphic Design et al.
    Autumn Semester

  • 48 hour cooperative workshop + pitch InnoDays Salzburg (2nd place)
    WN 17

  • internship at design studio
    3 months


  • design workshop Holon Institute of Technology,
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Cross-cultural workshop on design and prototype development. Presentation and pitch.
    WN 42/43

  • voluntary work at Workers’ Samaritan Federation Austria


  • started BA Design & Product Management (industrial design focus), University of Applied Sciences Salzburg
    courses: CAD & Digital Prototyping, Digital & Analogue Rendering Technique, Photography, Design Theory, Circular Design and Circular Economy, Service Design, Design Research, Project-Management, Anthropometry, Comparative Material Theory et al.
    6 Semester | 180 ECTS


  • graduation Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg Focus on fine arts and art history


  • internship at architecture studio B&F Salzburg
    Design and plan drawing. Architecture model making.
    2x2 months

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